Humble Beginnings DO NOT Determine Your Future!
The vision of God is all encompassing and he has connected us for His Divine purpose and consideration. God is the designer and artist; I am merely one of His tools to support the masterpiece as it unfolds on the canvas of life!
Sometimes we feel the need to tell God who we are like He doesn't already know. The problem is we only see a small minute piece of the picture while God sees it all. Not only does God see how the masterpiece began, He knows the purpose of it and what it was meant to accomplish.

I believe in God connections!

Every relationship we have has power. Power to change, power to build up, and power to tear down. Through our relationships we have the power to change our situations and circumstances--we can truly change the world around us.

Every life has meaning and every life has power no matter where that life began!

You are not here by accident!

Kelley Sawyer Ministries

Welcome to MY World!

A World of Change!

A World of Empowerment!